Grief and relief

She had always been the center of her family. Many people she loved and recognized each in a a special and specific way. She was a “tough cookie” I heard others say yet soft and caring. Witty and “no nonsense” approach telling it as it is but the brief moments I got to spend with her it was never judgmental, never out of spite and not harshly. She spread a sense of feeling secure. The type of grandma you’d run to when you needed somewhere to be safe and loved.

Those closest to her will tell you about the countless times the whole family with all the cousins would gather Sundays after church. Spending the whole afternoon at grandmas house, eating, talking and playing. Grabbing vegetables fresh out of the large garden and hearing her call you out from the window if you got after her chickens.

The way her children pulled together to assist and stay with her the last years of her life is a testimony to the way she cared and loved others. At her final moments we caught a glimpse through Skype of all the trucks parked outside her home. People wanting to hold her and be that security the way she always was.

The seriousness of her focus towards Christ. That none shall walk without hearing the great news of Gods love and plans for each and everyone.

We grieve our loss, carrying our wish to feel her warmth, hear her voice and see her welcoming smile just one more time. We rejoice in her relief from sickness and all that held her back from the joy and transformation she now has reached.

Shannon L. Adler once wrote: 

“Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.”

She did just that. Her name is carved in our hearts and her stories in our minds and memory. Thankful that her being in our lives made us better. She, the beginning and source of many. 


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Midsummers eve

Midsummer is a magical time in the Nordic. The days stretches almost over the entire 24 hours and it’s difficult to keep normal routines and sleep patterns.

We celebrate more than with our national day and it has to involve strawberries, flowers, new fresh potatoes and newly picked herbs. 

We spent it at our allotment with family. 

The table we made worked nicely and I hope to use it many times this summer. 

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Summer fun

It’s a warm and sunny week ahead. We kicked it off on Sunday by going to the beach. The first swim in the lake this year. 



The water levels are worryingly low this year. We are worried about the levels for our drinking water and things are not looking great. This is unsusal and the drought in Sweden has been going for a couple of years. It has been predicted to turn out this way for the southern part of Sweden in the climate change research. We are definitely feeling the effects of global warming and climate change.

The problem isn’t that it doesn’t rain. It rains and our trees and vegetation is lush. The problem is that we don’t get enough snow and rainfall in the cold months. Summers are longer now and extend almost into October. It feels good but the water we need to drink far below us isn’t being replenished. 


We also decided to make a table top for our allotment. One we can easily store and quickly set up if we want to sit and eat on our plot of land instead of by the “community” tables. We thought it would come in handy for midsummer lunch as we celebrate midsummers eve on Friday. 


The kids enjoyed helping sand paper and oil the table. 

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School is out

And summer started. It’s a holy event for us Swedes. Summer break. The whole public school with students, teatchers and as many parents that can fit goes to the large church in town. 


We sing psalms and summer songs a mix between old hymns and new pop hits. The priest speak in ever unclear metaphors as he is not allowed to mention God or anything that could be considered biblical. Although the hymns clearly have a message and both God and Solomon mentioned in the lyrics. 


The season of outdoors, endless days and midnight sun is upon us. It’s a joy and next weekend is midsummer.  

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is turning into early summer. We have been busy enjoying and preparing at our allotment. 


We have been planting potatoes, peas, beans, corn, pumpkin, leak, more strawberries as well as wild strawberries. I also planted two more red berry bushes. Raspberries are coming in and we might get a few more apples this year. 

The kids are also enjoying the place more and more playing together and making mini zoos for snails they find in the shrubs.

This weekend is extra long with more time off for our national day. Today we have been taking long nature walks. 



This national preserve is a place we knew existed but never went to. It’s only about a 10 minute car ride from our home. It’s set up to be wheel chair accessible so brining a carriage is no problem. 

This is such a magical time in Sweden and we love being outdoors.



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Working 70%

I decided to take an additional day off to spend more times with the girls. So far we have had two Tuesday’s together. 


This week they have European week at day care and  Tuesday was France. L was sad to miss the food and activities at day care so we made our own French flag and went to the cafe named Napoleon. I think L is fine with how things worked out and S is certainly up for some chocolate cake. 


We are trying to enjoy this very cold spring day as the winds from the artic is whisking about. By the weekend the warmer French winds from the south will turn the weather.  

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Planting season starting

a week ago we went to our “garden” to see how things are after winter. The deer ate a lot of our raspberry sticks which is very sad. They also munched on our berry bushes and some apple tree branches.


But spring is arriving and the Sunrays are warming up the ground. 



 We started planting to bring up seedlings on our window seal. Sunflowers and corn. In a few weeks we will start to grow some pumpkins. Trying out two new kinds this year. We also planted some lettuce and are planning out our strawberry patch, potato patch and carrot patch. The American blueberry plants and lavender survived winter. 



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